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Beach Club in Greece

Kids Clubs

Club Vounaki Kids Clubs are fantastic facilities designed to make sure that everyone in the family gets a holiday. Catering for children from 4 months to 17 years, our clubs provide a range of activities suitable for everyone from the youngest baby to the most boisterous teenager.

Club Vounaki Kids Club runs from 9.30 am to 6pm, six days a week, including a supervised lunch, which means that parents can fit in a full day’s sailing if they wish. It’s up to you how much you use the Kids Club, but our young guests have so much fun that we find they don’t want to leave.

The Kids Clubs are split up into the following age groups and activities, which are designed around the children to keep them entertained, learn new things and have fun, from 5yrs old they also take part in 1hrs sailing per day.

You can also watch videos of each Kids Club

  • Minnows 4mths – 2yrs £240 per child, per week

    Your baby’s routine is important, so we’ll do our best to stick to it. There’s one qualified nanny to every three children and we try to ensure they have the same key worker throughout their stay. Cots, potties, changing mats and freshly prepared baby purée for weaning are supplied, and nannies will keep you informed of your child’s play and sleeping patterns.
  • Snappers 2 – 4yrs FREE

    With one member of the childcare team to every four children, toddlers are looked after in their own indoor and outdoor shaded play areas. Activities include swimming, canoeing, painting, story time, games, face painting, treasure hunts, tennis and lots more.
  • Sea Urchins 5–7yrs FREE

    There’s one activity assistant for every six children and plenty to do including treasure hunts, model making, swimming and ringos. They’ll also get a taste of sailing and windsurfing, as well as tennis and an end of holiday disco.
  • Gybers - Juniors 8–10yrs and Seniors 11–12yrs FREE

    With a ratio of one activity assistant to every eight children, the action is non-stop with sailing events, snorkelling, table tennis, swimming, team games, windsurfing, ringos and tennis. After all that, they can enjoy an end of week disco too.
  • Beach Team 13–17yrs FREE

    Our Beach Team are given more independence. Run in two fully supervised sessions from 10am–12:30pm and 2:30pm–5pm daily, with a host of activities on offer. They can choose from watersports sessions, tennis matches and volleyball, chill out by the pool, beach BBQs and lots more.
  • Sunsail Youth Sailing Club 8–17yrs £150 child/week

    Ideal for fun-loving, like-minded kids looking to really focus on developing in dinghy sailing. It includes a combination of RYA levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 and advanced sailing skills (depending on experience), run over six days. This club is limited in space, so pre-book to avoid disappointment. Please note, the Sunsail Youth Sailing Club is available from 4th May 2014 onwards and will not be running prior to this date.
  • Sunsail Kids’ Sailing Scheme 5yrs+ FREE

    As part of their daily Kids’ Club activities children from the age of 5yrs+ can choose to take part in our Kids’ Sailing Scheme. This scheme will give a fun based introduction into sailing and the basics involved. Please note, the Sunsail kids Sailing scheme is available from 4th May 2014 onwards and will not be running prior to this date.
  • Evening Childcare

    At Club Vounaki there are a range of evening childcare options available to choose from: Options for Inclusive Nights: Baby sitting FREE Night Crèche - for children 4mths-4yrs. Available from 7pm-10pm FREE Supervised Video Club – for children 5yrs +. Available from 7pm-10pm Options for Non-Inclusive Nights: Baby sitting Night Crèche Supervised Games & Activity Club FREE Night Crèche (4mths-4yrs)* *We ask that you remain on site whilst using this service.
  • Supervised Games & Activity Club (5yrs +)**

    Available on non-inclusive nights from 6:30pm to midnight this Club is provided in a dedicated area on site and allows your children to take part in team games, art and craft and films. There are facilities for younger children to have a sleep should they need to. **Subject to availability and demand, extra charge applies
  • FREE Supervised Video Club (5yrs+)

    Available on inclusive nights, from 7pm-10pm, this is FREE Club is provided in a dedicated area on site (Excludes transfer day).
  • Babysitting

    A babysitting service is available at the Club until midnight every evening. Here, a member of staff will look after your children in your hotel room until you return. To ensure we continue the level of care we provide throughout the day, your children will be cared for by Kids' Club staff who are all first aid trained. A babysitting coordinator will be on hand for the babysitters should they need them. This service is bookable at the Club at £8 per hour per family.
  • Night Crèche

    If there is a high demand for babysitting we may run a night crèche instead. This will be based in the nursery, where your children will be read a story and settled down, our Kids' Club staff will be on hand should they wake. The charge for this night crèche will be dependent on the number of children wishing to use the service.