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Level 1 Sailing Courses - 5 Day ICC Course


The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is an internationally recognised certificate that qualifies its holders to sail in countries where formal qualifications are required (e.g. Croatia).

At Port Solent, UK - The 5 Day ICC Course includes five days sailing and five nights staying onboard the yacht, followed by an assessment and exam on day 5.

At Vounaki, Greece -The 5 Day ICC Course combines five days sailing with five nights staying in Sunsail’s Club Vounaki, followed by an assessment and exam.

The 5 Day ICC Course is aimed at beginners with little experience and will cover all the basics required to pass the exam and give students the confidence to skipper a boat and set sail on a Level 0/1 flotilla.

  • Internationally recognised Certificate of Competence
  • 5 day ICC with Assessment and Exam
  • ICC recommended for sailing in Europe
  • ICC required for sailing in Greece & Croatia
  • Ideal for sailors with little sailing experience
  • Available In UK and Greece

Why take this course with Sunsail? The ICC Assessment and Exam is an internationally recognized certificate, which enables the holder to sail in countries where formal qualifications are compulsory. As many countries now require visiting yachtsmen to hold formal qualifications, the ICC provides documentary assurance from one government to another that the holder meets an agreed level of competence.

For those with little sailing experience you can take the five day ICC course, from Port Solent, UK, or Club Vounaki,Greece. The training and assessment are designed to ensure that you are a competent skipper of your own yacht and on completion you will have enough experience to sail on a level 1 Charter or Flotilla.

From our base at Vounaki, the Vounaki 5 Day ICC Course combines five days sailing with nights staying in the Club hotel, rather than on board the yacht as with the course in Port Solent, UK. This option is aimed at beginners and is designed to get you to a standard that will enable you to pass the exam at the end of the course and give you the confidence to skipper a boat.

The course will cover all basics in yacht sailing, including Safety Brief, Close quarter power handling, yacht handling under sail, mooring skills, yacht preparation, Man Over board (UK) and rules of the road.

As some basic navigation is required, we recommend taking the online Essential Navigation and Seamanship course prior to commencing the training course. This course is 6 hours online.

If you have attended an RYA practical training course, presenting your certificate with your ICC application form may be sufficient, or you can take the one day exam from our bases in Vounaki, Greece or Port Solent, UK.

The one-day exam will test you on basic boat handling, mooring skills and your knowledge of yacht preparation and rules of the road.