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Sunsail's new ambassador

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How did you first get into sailing?

My parents introduced me to sailing.


What would you say is the most rewarding part of sailing for you?

I love the feeling of being out on the water, and the sense of peace and quiet of being under sail.


What’s your favourite boat to race?

I don't really have one. Every boat is different and fun to race for different reasons. It could be best for speed, or highly tactical racing; each one poses a new challenge and experience.


Would you ever convert to catamarans or are you truly behind monohulls?

I would certainly try a catamaran.


What do you most enjoy about competing?

The tactics and making the boat slice through the water as fast as possible.


You initially started racing in the 470 class and switched to 2.4mR solo keels. How did that change come about?

I had just finished second in the trials for Athens in the 470 and the RYA asked if I would consider moving into the 2.4mR.


You’ve had an incredible career so far. What have been your highlights?

Defintely winning gold in London.


What are your goals for 2016?

To add to my gold collection in Rio!


Which nationalities are your greatest competition?

France and Germany.


When you’re not sailing, how do you chill out?

Cycling, spending time with my husband, going for walks and watching movies.


How would you describe sailing to someone who’s never sailed before – (in terms of the feeling)?

It gives you a real sense of freedom, you can leave all worries and concerns behind on the shore and just focus on the boat, sea and wind.


Where is the best sailing destination you’ve sailed? And which destination is on your wish list?

Miami is my favourite and Lake Garda is top of my wishlist. 


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