Mallorca’s hidden gems

Sailing Today Editor shares his top picks

Sunsail asked Sam Fortescue, Managing Editor of Sailing Today, to give us the lowdown on his favourite Mediterranean cruising destination, Mallorca.

Sunsail: So, Sam, what’s your favourite Mallorcan sundowner?

Sam Fortescue: There are lots of local herby liqueurs on the island, all on an aniseed theme, but for something a bit different, try Palo – a bittersweet mix of caramel and chinchona bark. You’ll either love it or hate it, but it really cuts through the heat of a summer’s day.

Sunsail: Sounds ideal after a long day on the water. What about places to eat? Any special little restaurants you’d like to recommend?

SF: For a taste of local Mallorcan cuisine, head to the Celler Sa Premsa in the north of Palma and step back in time. The restaurant is a cavernous beamed room all decked out with the ends of vast barrels. There’s nothing nouvelle cuisine about this place: there are ancient posters all over the walls, the furniture is heavy, dark wood, and the food comes in healthy portions. Try the tumbet (sliced aubergine, red pepper and potato) or go for a thick heavy cuttlefish stew, all washed down with island wine.

Sunsail: Delicious. Sailing holidays give you an incredible licence to roam, as you know. If you had to pick one place to visit in the whole area, where would you go?

SF: My hot recommendation is actually off the island. Just a few miles south of Mallorca is the Cabrera archipelago, recently declared a National Park. You’ll need to apply for a permit beforehand from the office in Palma, but these islands make a wonderful, tranquil overnighter. On Cabrera Gran, there’s a dusty snack bar, a small museum and lots of goats. There’s super walking, castles to visit and lots of sea life to keep you entertained while snorkelling, including green turtles.


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