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The Caribbean yacht charter capital

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a sailor’s paradise, blessed with year-round warm weather, steady trade winds, calm, cobalt-blue waters and bougainvillea-clad hillsides. The main island of Tortola is the yacht charter capital of the Caribbean, and arguably the most famous sailing destination in the world.

Throughout the BVI, you’ll find sheltered harbours, sun-soaked beaches, pirate bars and jaw-dropping shipwrecks. Give island life a go, and you won't want to leave. Relax and bask in the spectacular scenery; taste the French-Caribbean fusion cuisine; and explore the tiny villages scattered along the shores of the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Head for the dramatic rock formations of The Baths on Virgin Gorda to see immense boulders, grottos and natural pools, or let your imagination loose with tales of pirates and treasure caves on Norman Island, the model for ‘Treasure Island’. See sunken shipwrecks and a spectacular range of tropical sea life while diving Anegada, the BVI's unique coral atol. 

Ideal for families, groups and couples, the BVI offers easy deep-water island hops, line-of-sight navigation and plentiful sheltered anchorages.

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Bareboat Itinerary

Enjoy the freedom of a sailing holiday in the BVI. You’ll start in Tortola and head out into the azure waters of the Caribbean. Go your own way on a bareboat charter and once underway, you can stop at any of the thousands of white sand beaches and laid-back bars, swim with hawksbill turtles and explore shipwrecks.

With easy island hops, line-of-sight navigation and sheltered anchorages, bareboat holidays in the BVI are perfect for new sailors and skilled skippers alike. There’s no better way to explore the delights of the BVI than from the deck of your own yacht.

Where is the best place to sail in BVI?

Renowned for its calm cruising conditions, idyllic beaches and turquoise waters, you’ll be stepping into true paradise when you book a yacht charter in the BVI. Whether you follow one of our carefully-crafted itineraries or create your own, you’ll find treasures to uncover around every corner. As you prepare for your relaxing BVI yacht charter, you might be thinking about the best places to sail during your holiday.

For Families

When you’re looking for a family holiday, you need a destination that offers something for everyone. From adventure to relaxation, history to shopping, the BVI has the very best of both worlds. Our top three must-visit places for families in the BVI include:

  • Josiah's Bay on Tortola for world-class surfing with older children

  • Cow Wreck Beach on Anegada for building sandcastles, while the adults enjoy a rum cocktail

  • North Sound on Virgin Gorda for kitesurfing with the whole family

For Couples

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon or simply looking for the ultimate couples holiday destination, the BVI is one of the most romantic sailing spots in the world. Walk hand in hand along the sandy shore of Long Bay Beach. Try something new together and go snorkelling at the Indians, near Norman Island. Enjoy a long lunch with breathtaking views at the Top of the Baths on Virgin Gorda. 

For First-Time Sailors

Thanks to the steady tradewinds and easy navigation, the BVI is classed as a level 1 sailing destination which makes it ideal for first-time sailors.

If this is your first time exploring the wonders of the BVI, follow one of our itineraries and experience the best that each island has to offer. From watersports at Manchioneel Bay on Cooper Island, to sipping rum cocktails at White Bay Beach on Jost Van Dyke, you’ll have the time of your life.

What are the best things to do in the BVI?

Take a look at some of the best things to do in the BVI, from soaking up the sun on the golden beaches of Virgin Gorda to immersing yourself in local culture.


The BVI is a true Caribbean paradise where you can sit back, switch off and sip cocktails on the beach. The only question you’ll need to think about is, will you relax on the powder-white sands of Smuggler’s Cove, swim in the crystal clear waters surrounding Cane Garden Bay, or go snorkelling at Loblolly Bay?


Channel your inner adventurer and explore the exquisite British Virgin Islands in a new light. Travelling by yacht gives you the unique opportunity to uncover treasures, hidden coves and secluded anchorages only accessible by boat. One of our favourite spots to explore in the BVI is The Baths on Virgin Gorda. Perhaps some of the most beautiful natural rock formations in the Caribbean, you’re in for a treat.

Underwater adventures

The adventures don’t just stop on the water, they continue under the water too! With an abundance of marine life, reefs, underwater caves and shipwrecks, you’ll love snorkelling and scuba diving in the BVI. Our top three snorkelling and scuba diving spots in the BVI are:

  • Norman Island Caves

  • Monkey Point, Guana Island

  • RMS Rhone, Salt Island

History and culture

The British Virgin Islands are renowned for their lively, vibrant culture and laid-back living. When you embark on a thrilling yacht charter in the BVI, you’ll find historical and cultural attractions around every corner. Our top five must-visit attractions include:

  • Callwood Rum Distillery

  • Chikuzen wreck

  • There’s no better way to embrace the BVI way of living than with a Painkiller cocktail at the Soggy Dollar Bar

  • The Baths National Park

  • Her Majesty’s Prison Museum

When is the best time of year to visit the BVI?

The best time to visit the BVI is between December and April.

The BVI is a unique sailing destination because it is renowned for having incredible year-round sailing conditions. This means you can enjoy a relaxing, tranquil yacht charter in the BVI any time that suits you.

The peak sailing season in the BVI is considered to be between December-April which makes it the ideal destination for a Winter sun holiday. During this time you’ll enjoy sizzling temperatures, warm waters, gentle breezes and plenty of sailing regattas to join in with.

Love the sound of a Winter escape? You can also take a look at our other destinations, including Belize, St Lucia and Thailand.

What are the sailing conditions in the BVI like?

With crystal clear waters, steady trade winds, low tidal ranges and sizzling temperatures, the sailing conditions in the BVI are second to none. A true sailing wonderland, the BVI is ideal for sailors of all experience levels.

The temperatures during the Winter months average between 21°C-29°C, the perfect conditions for sunbathing on deck while a skipper navigates the Caribbean Sea. In the Summer, temperatures soar to upwards of 30 but with average rainfall of 110mm.

The wind tends to be strong in the Winter, averaging around 15-20 knots. Prevailing winds in the BVI include:

  • Tradewinds

  • Christmas Winds

The tidal range in the BVI is very low, much like some of our Mediterranean destinations including Greece and Italy.

If you want to learn more about the cruising conditions in the BVI, including average temperatures, rainfall and wind speeds, take a look at the ‘sailing conditions’ tab.

How much does a yacht charter in the BVI cost?

From romantic honeymoons to fun-filled family holidays, design your dream BVI sailing charter and create memories to last a lifetime. The cost of your BVI yacht charter will be based on a number of factors, including:

  • The season you visit

  • How long you set sail for

  • Whether you book a bareboat, skippered or flotilla charter

  • Which of our yachts you book

  • How many people are on board

  • What your itinerary looks like

  • Extras 

For a more accurate idea of how much your yacht charter in the BVI is likely to cost, build a quote today.

How much are the mooring fees in the BVI?

Mooring fees in the BVI will depend on where you are and who you are hiring a mooring ball from. On average, mooring balls are USD 30.00 per night but can range from around USD 25.00 to USD 65.00.

Mooring balls are very popular in the British Virgin Islands, and are ideal for when you want to explore stunning islands on foot. 

If you want to moor up at a national park in the BVI, you will need a Mooring Permit. Learn more about BVI Mooring Permits and other useful information about sailing around the sensational BVI.

How long does it take to sail the BVI?

Whether you’ve explored the stunning islands of the BVI before or are planning a sailing holiday in the BVI for the first time, a one week sailing holiday around the BVI offers the perfect amount of time to discover the BVI’s secluded beaches, cruise around the Caribbean Sea and immerse yourself into local culture.

Our one-week BVI itinerary and 50th Anniversary flotilla itinerary will take you on a whistlestop tour of the BVI where you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore destinations such as:

  • Virgin Gorda

  • Anegada

  • Tortola

  • Norman Island

  • Jost Van Dyke

If you have any questions about sailing in the BVI, or any of our Caribbean sailing destinations, please get in touch with us today.

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Bareboat itineraries

Enjoy the freedom of a sailing holiday in the BVI. You’ll start in Tortola and head out into the azure waters of the Caribbean. Once underway, you can stop at any of the thousands of white sand beaches and laid-back bars, swim with hawksbill turtles and explore shipwrecks.

With easy island hops, line-of-sight navigation and sheltered anchorages, holidays in the BVI are perfect for new sailors and skilled skippers alike. There’s no better way to explore the delights of the BVI than from the deck of your own yacht.

Experienced sailors

BVI one-week updated itinerary

  • Lobster dinner on Anegada
  • Rum punch in the sun
  • The Baths National Park
  • Explore the beach bars on Jost Van Dyke
  • Adventure and watersports in Virgin Gorda
  • Treasure hunting on Norman Island
Itinerary details

Flotilla itineraries

The perfect blend of freedom and support, flotilla holidays from Tortola offer a sailing holiday with a difference. During the day you’ll sail your own boat while expert crews guide you and your sailing group to some of the BVI’s best locations. And at night you have the social scene. Sip a cocktail as the sun slips below the horizon—the BVI are the destination of choice for the social sailor.


BVI 50th Anniversary one-week flotilla

  • Welcome Drinks
  • Rum punch in the sun
  • The Baths National Park
  • Beach Party
  • Adventure and watersports
  • Explore the beach bars on Jost Van Dyke
  • Treasure hunting on Norman Island
  • Prize Giving and final dinner
Itinerary details

Experience required

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At least 5 days or 100 miles as skipper on an equivalent size yacht

Level 1 destinations offer the easiest, most forgiving sailing ideal for novices and less experienced sailors. Lazy line mooring, line-of-sight navigation and calm conditions mean you won’t sail outside your comfort zone.

Skippered Holiday

Try a skippered holiday

  • Relax and let your skipper take charge
  • Be as hands on or laid back as you like
  • Learn from an expert skipper
  • Gain local knowledge and recommendations
  • Peace of mind and safety on the water
  • Discretion and privacy when you need it
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