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Culture, cuisine and gentle cruising

Great food, great wine, a warm and pleasant climate and a relaxed pace of life - that’s what the Mediterranean means to millions of annual visitors. Sailing the Mediterranean offers clear blue waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling, calm conditions and occasional mistral winds that up the ante for those in search of exhilaration, speed and spray.

Discover stunning scenery, ancient history and incredible wildlife as you island-hop through Greece's Ionian Sea, or weave through more than 1,000 sparsely populated islands along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Indulge in the famous cuisine of Italy’s glamorous western shores, and take a trip to the famous Amalfi Coast and Costa Smeralda. Few regions on Earth offer the cultural and geographical variety of the Mediterranean. For more insider knowledge read our Guide for sailing the Mediterranean.

From the ancient ruins and whitewashed walls of the Aegean to the vibrant and diverse Balearics, Mediterranean sailing has something to surprise and delight sailors of all ages. Whether sailing bareboat, with a skipper or as part of a flotilla, or by the cabin, you’re bound to encounter new experiences at every turn. 

Destinations in the Mediterranean

Hvar, Croatia


  • Fine climate and easy sailing
  • Ancient history and rich, varied culture
  • Line-of-sight navigation and island hops
Flotillas Experience level 1-2 ICC RYA Sailing school
Explore Croatia


  • Island hopping and challenging sailing
  • Heptanese, Saronic and Cycladic Islands
  • Incredible ancient ruins and historical sites
Flotillas Experience level 1-3 ICC Sailing school
Explore Greece
Procida, Italy


  • Glamorous towns and quiet villages
  • Unbeatable history, food and culture
  • Line-of-sight cruising and challenging conditions
Flotillas Experience level 2
Explore Italy

Our charter types

Charter your own private yacht and sail the many charming destinations of the Mediterranean, either independently or with the help of an expert skipper. Pick a flotilla holiday and enjoy a more social experience, sailing independently by day and meeting up with your flotilla companions in the evening to enjoy the fantastic restaurants, bars and activities the Mediterranean offers in abundance.

Bareboat charter holidays

Choose a Mediterranean bareboat charter holiday for the most liberating way to sail the diverse countries of the Mediterranean Sea. Take your time and sail at your own pace or squeeze in as much as possible as you island-hop your way along the coast. The choice is yours on a bareboat sailing holiday.

Flotilla sailing holidays

The most social way to sail, a Mediterranean flotilla sailing holiday gives you the chance to enjoy independent island, coastal and blue water sailing by day and group social activities by night. Sail with your family, with friends or on your own, taking in some of the best-loved spots in the Mediterranean along the way.

Skippered charter holidays

Take to the seas in the company of an expert skipper on a skippered charter holiday. Your skipper will be on hand with unmissable tips and recommendations when you need them and discrete enough to give you your own space when you don’t. Hire a skipper for just a day or for your whole holiday, be as hands-on as you like or sit back and let your skipper handle the tough stuff. On a skippered charter holiday it’s entirely up to you.

Sail By The Cabin

Take advantage of three exclusive dates this summer and book by the cabin on either a Sunsail 53 monohull or a Sunsail 454 catamaran. Your expert skipper will handle the sailing, so you can book a cabin to yourself or with a friend, kick back and enjoy one of three fantastic Mediterranean sailing areas. You and your companions will experience all the fun of a flotilla holiday and make new friendships as you get to know the region’s spectacular coastline with a group of fellow explorers.


We created our Early Boarding* service so you can squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of your Mediterranean sailing vacation. Standard boarding time for all Mediterranean bases is 6 p.m., but you can request a 3 p.m. boarding time for an extra charge. Call your Sunsail Vacation Planning Specialist to request early boarding.

*Early boarding is a pre-paid extra. Subject to availability on request.

Where is the best place to sail in the Mediterranean?

Embark on an exhilarating sailing charter through the Mediterranean and uncover hidden coves, secluded islands and tranquil beaches. Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by history, culture and breathtaking landscapes. You might be wondering, where is the best place to sail in the Mediterranean?

For Everyone

Greece, Croatia and Italy are true gems of the Mediterranean, with something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are booking a fun family adventure or celebrating a milestone birthday with a large group, these incredible destinations will create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

For Foodies

Cast off from our Procida base and sail along the iconic Amalfi Coast, where rugged cliffs are lined with colourful villas. Sail around the North coast of Sicily to Stromboli and visit Europe’s second largest active volcano. Let your taste buds dance as you taste Sardinia’s finest delicacies, including fregola and casu marzu.

For Families

Do you want a family-friendly sailing holiday? Lefkas in Greece and Agana in Croatia make ideal family sailing destinations, with smooth cruising conditions, world-class snorkelling opportunities, and plenty of hidden coves waiting to be explored.

For Culture

For the history lovers among you, Athens, Corfu and Dubrovnik are some of the best destinations in the entire Mediterranean for history and culture. 

Wander around Old Town in Dubrovnik, immersing yourself in its charming atmosphere. 

Visit Athens, the birthplace of democracy, and spend your afternoon exploring ancient ruins such as The Acropolis and the Temple of Hephaestus. 

Or moor up and uncover the wonders of Gardiki Castle and Old Fortress in Corfu.

What are the best things to do in the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean is one of the culturally richest places in the world, and an incredibly popular destination for sailing holidays. Renowned for its many amazing islands, beaches, attractions, foods, drinks and activities, there are countless things to do in the Mediterranean. 

Of course, it depends on which of our heavenly destinations you book as to what your itinerary looks like, but here are a few of the best things to do in the Mediterranean: 


Soak up the sun on one of Croatia’s stunning Proizd Island beaches, recently named some of the best beaches in the world for switching off and recharging. You could also channel your inner adventurer and go scuba diving at some of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean, such as Lokrum Island in Croatia.


After a day of exploring the wonders of Lefkas, tuck into a delicious meal and try Greek favourites such as moussaka, tzatziki, and olives. On an adventure in Athens? Moor up and discover some of the world’s most famous historical landmarks, from The Parthenon to the Temple of Poseidon.


Go on a wine tasting tour in Sardinia, before watching the sunset over the Tyrrhenian Sea. If you’re on a Portorosa yacht charter, moor up in Sicily and learn about the island’s rich history by visiting ancient temples and tombs.

When is the best time to visit the Mediterranean?

The best time to visit the Mediterranean is between April and October.

The Mediterranean enjoys a long sailing season from Spring through to Autumn, where you’ll experience smooth sailing conditions and sizzling temperatures making it the perfect destination for embarking on an exciting family sailing holiday in the Summer holidays.

If you’re looking for a calm sailing charter with less tourists, our Mediterranean destinations tend to be quieter in Spring between April-May and Autumn between September-October.

Some of our bases in the Mediterranean are closed during the Winter, between December-March, including Dubrovnik, Lefkas and Sardinia.

Do you want to escape for a Winter sun holiday? Take a look at our Caribbean sailing destinations, such as the BVI and Grenada.

What are the sailing conditions in the Mediterranean like?

During its peak sailing season, the Mediterranean enjoys stunning sailing conditions that are ideal for sailors of all levels. 

With warm temperatures averaging between 22-28 degrees celsius, and average wind speeds of around 20-25 knots, sailing around the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas is blissfully smooth.

Prevailing winds that you need to be aware of, and understand before embarking on a thrilling sailing charter, include:

  • The Bura

  • The Maestral

  • The Sirocco

  • The Meltemi

You can find average cruising conditions for each month of the year in the ‘sailing conditions’ section of each of our Mediterranean bases.

How much does a private yacht charter in the Mediterranean cost?

At Sunsail, we pride ourselves on delivering unique, tailored sailing holidays that suit your exact needs. Whether you want a week-long bareboat charter in May as a couple or a two-week skippered charter in August with your family, we’ve got you covered. You might be wondering, how much does a private yacht charter in the Mediterranean cost?

When planning your idyllic Mediterranean sailing holiday, consider the following questions:

  • Where in the Mediterranean do you want to explore?

  • Do you want a challenging bareboat charter, laid-back skippered charter or a sociable flotilla?

  • How long do you want to set sail around the Mediterranean for?

  • Do you plan on booking any excursions?

  • When will you climb aboard one of our world-class yachts?

Each of these questions will help you design your ideal Mediterranean sailing holiday, and also understand more about the cost of your charter.

How much are the moorings fees in the Mediterranean?

Want to moor up and explore the on-shore wonders of the Mediterranean? Much like the cost of your relaxing sailing holiday, berthing and mooring fees in the Mediterranean will depend on a number of factors:

  • Your destination

  • The size of your yacht

  • The Marina you’re mooring up at

  • Time of year

Croatia, Italy and Greece all have different berthing and mooring fees.

In Croatia, catamarans pay a 50-60% supplement on top of the overnight mooring fee.

Depending on the size of your yacht, you could pay as little as around EUR 60.00 or as much as EUR 200.00 per night.

If you’re chartering a yacht around Italy, your berthing and mooring fees could be between EUR 40.00 for a smaller yacht to over EUR 400.00 if you’re setting sail on a large yacht during peak sailing season. Again, catamarans may be asked to pay a supplement of 50-60%.

The cheapest mooring fees out of our stunning Mediterranean destinations come from Greece, where you would expect to pay between EUR 23.00 to EUR 70.00. It is less common than in Croatia and Italy, but you may also be expected to pay a 50-60% supplement if you’re sailing on a catamaran.

How long does it take to sail the Mediterranean?

Uncover the treasures of the Mediterranean at your own pace. Your sailing holiday, your way.

Whether you are new to sailing or an experienced sailor, take your time immersing yourself in the wonders of the Mediterranean. With so many beautiful islands, hidden beaches and charming towns to explore, your itinerary will be filled to the brim with a mixture of adventure and relaxation.

The duration of your Mediterranean yacht charter is entirely up to you, although we think a week-long sailing holiday is the perfect amount of time to go island hopping around Greece, take in the beauty of Sardinia, or explore the history of Dubrovnik, depending on which of our destinations you book.