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Discover the Dalmatian Coast

The 1,000 or more islands of Croatia's famous Dalmatian Coast offer gentle cruising and island hopping in the calm, clear waters of the Adriatic. More experienced sailors can enjoy longer spells out on the open ocean and take part in regattas and other events. Occasional strong mistral winds provide more challenging conditions for those who relish more action-packed sailing.

A Croatian sailing holiday allows you to experience a Mediterranean paradise of turquoise seas, quiet, colourful islands and picturesque port towns steeped in history, delicious fresh seafood and friendly, welcoming locals. Unspoilt coves and dramatic waterfalls, ancient forts and lush, green forests all lie in wait along the country’s celebrated Dalmatian Coast. 

Skirt along Europe’s sunniest coastline, and stop off to embrace a hotchpotch of history, culture and gastronomy. Set sail from Dubrovnik and drink in the views as you cruise between the fertile islands of Hvar, Korcula, Ston, Mljet and Brac. Slip out of our Marina Agana base for voyages to the spectacular Krka Falls. Head to Croatia to revel in the warm weather, fresh breezes and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Where is the best place to sail in Croatia?

Uncover the wonders of Croatia in all its glory on a relaxing yacht charter. Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or as a couple, the sensational weather, calm waters and cultural richness will draw you back to Croatia time and time again. You might be wondering, where is the best place to set sail in Croatia?


Take the helm on an exciting flotilla or bareboat charter around Dubrovnik and admire the stunning natural beauty, picturesque landscapes and breathtaking scenery that awaits you. Immerse yourself into Dubrovnik’s rich history and culture by spending your afternoon exploring Dubrovnik Old Town. Set sail towards Korcula Island and taste the exquisite wine of Lumbarda. Moor up and embrace the lively atmosphere of Budva with friends, family or your partner.


With so many incredible treasures to uncover as you explore the Dalmatian Islands, we are proud to have not one but seven sailing itineraries for Agana. Will you fall in love with the enchanting natural beauty at Krka National Park? Perhaps you’ll embrace an adrenaline-filled adventure in Vis and go scuba diving and snorkelling. You might even book a sociable flotilla where you can meet new friends as you set sail around the mesmerising coastline of Brač.

What are the best things to do in Croatia?

Are you planning your next sailing holiday in Croatia? When you book with Sunsail, you can either follow your own path or use one of our bespoke itineraries for inspiration. Your sailing itinerary will change depending on which of our bases you’re setting sail from. 

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Croatia as you embark on a relaxing Dubrovnik or Agana yacht charter.


When you set sail on your tranquil yacht charter in Croatia, you’ll find an abundance of quiet beaches, secret coves and hidden gems where you can relax and switch off away from the world. Our top three beaches in Croatia are:

  • Golden Horn Beach

  • Proizd Island Beaches

  • Betina Cave Beach

The best part about the beaches in Croatia? From sandy to pebbled, there’s something to suit everyone!


Croatia is one of the most exciting places to explore in the whole Mediterranean. Cruise around the Dalmatian Islands, taking in their beauty and uncovering their treasures. Explore the depths of the Adriatic Sea as you go scuba diving and snorkelling around shipwrecks and grottos. Moor up and wander around traditional fishing villages, ancient towns and other cultural hotspots. 

History and culture

The Mediterranean boasts some of the most historically rich destinations in the world, from Greece to Croatia. Dubrovnik and Agana both have an incredible range of historical and cultural attractions, including:

  • Dubrovnik City Walls

  • St Nicholas fortress

  • Rector’s Palace

  • The Church of St. Mary in Vroska

You can learn more about the history and culture of Agana and Dubrovnik, including their must-visit attractions, on their respective base pages.

When is the best time of year to visit Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is between April and November.

The sailing season in Croatia runs from the start of April to the start of November, with peaks during July and August. During this time, you’ll experience tranquil waters, sunny days and warm weather.

Croatia’s Summer sun makes it a fantastic family-friendly destination that you can all enjoy during the School holidays. If you’re not travelling with children and want to avoid the highly popular tourist season, May and September are blissfully quiet, yet offer just as brilliant sailing opportunities.

As with several of our other Mediterranean bases, such as Lefkas, some of our Croatia bases are closed during the Winter months, reopening again at the beginning of March. Take a look at our Winter Sun holidays to find out where else you can set sail around between November-March.

What are the sailing conditions in Croatia like?

The sailing conditions in Croatia are second to none. Offering some of the smoothest Summer sailing fun in the world, there’s no better place to take the helm for the first time.

Depending on which of our bases you set sail from, you could be soaking up beautiful temperatures of up to 30°C. Croatia’s sensational Summer weather is similar to other Mediterranean destinations, including Athens and Lefkas

Prevailing winds that you need to be aware of in Croatia include:

  • The Maestral

  • The Pulenat (particularly if you’re following our Hvar itinerary)

  • The Bura

  • The Jugo

  • The Tramontana

To learn more about the average cruising conditions and weather at each of our bases in Croatia, check out the ‘sailing conditions’ tab on our Agana and Dubrovnik pages.

Our bases in Croatia


Dubrovnik Yacht Charter

  • Gentle winds and occasional Mistrals
  • Rich history and spectacular scenery
  • Line-of-sight navigation and island hops
Flotillas Experience level 1
Explore Dubrovnik Yacht Charter
Hvar Town, Hvar Island

Agana Yacht Charter

  • Easy line-of-sight sailing
  • Short island hops and longer trips
  • Explore quiet islands and national parks
  • Discover Croatia's rich and two-millennia old history
Flotillas Experience level 1 Sailing school
Explore Agana Yacht Charter

Our charter types

Bareboat charter holidays in Croatia

Strike out on your own on a Croatian bareboat charter holiday. You’ll have the freedom to explore the country’s stunning coastline at your own pace and to your own schedule.

Flotilla holidays in Croatia

Join a Croatian flotilla holiday and make new, lasting friendships as you get to know the region’s spectacular coastline with a group of fellow Mediterranean explorers.

Croatian skippered yacht charter

Relax and enjoy the scenery on a Croatian skippered sailing holiday, taking in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of this beautiful coastal nation from the luxury of your own private yacht.

An instructional skipper is now available for sailing holidays in Agana. This is perfect is you are either newly qualified or need a refresh. You will not gain a qualification and they will be no formal syllabus followed. Instructional skippers are subject to availability and are therefore on request.

Sailing Schools in Croatia

In our Sailing School based in Agana only, you can learn how to sail with your family or improve your skillset in one of our many advanced courses. Sunsail's professional and English-speaking crew will help you master the islands historic waters. Find out more on our Agana Sailing School page.

Explore Croatia 

Maritime history

The ocean plays a key role in Croatian lifestyle and culture. Historically a country of strategic importance, Croatia has seen empires come and go and military concerns shape the landscape. Sail the Dalmatian Coast and drop in on ancient forts and castles, former Roman palaces and medieval cities with countless tales to tell.

Visit historic Dubrovnik—one of the world’s ten best-preserved medieval walled cities—or dine in remote fishing villages where the pace of life has remained unchanged for centuries. Explore the ancient ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, now home to the citizens of Split, and island hop your way through a network of pristine national parks teeming with wildlife.

Dalmatian highlights

Croatian coastal cuisine features excellent fresh seafood, including the celebrated Ston oysters, delicious squid, tuna and prawns. Heavily influenced by Italian cuisine, Croatian cooking is a unique combination of Slavic and Mediterranean food cultures that varies from region to region.

Onshore, the Dalmatian Coast is a haven for sightseers and hikers alike, with the nation’s numerous national parks providing stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. Croatia’s coastal towns are overflowing with the country’s unique culture and history, and visitors can leave with a little piece of Croatia in the form of lavender and rosemary honey and essential oils.

Game of Thrones

To celebrate the sixth series of Game of Thrones, we’ve put together a Game of Thrones guide to exploring Croatia. Why pay for a walking tour when you can do it all yourself? Check out our guide and start planning your trip. 

Want More Time to Explore?

We offer Early Boarding* service to customers who want a jump start in Croatia. With so much to explore, you can upgrade to a 3 p.m. boarding time for an extra charge. The typical boarding time is 6 p.m. for most passengers. Request early boarding with your Sunsail Holiday Planner.

*Early boarding is a pre-paid extra. Subject to availability on request.