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Breach Dubrovnik’s mighty walls

One of Croatia’s ancient coastal cities, ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’ is numbered among the best-preserved medieval walled cities on Earth. Croatia presents conditions ideal for those new to coastal sailing, with gentle winds and fine weather promising many pleasant hours on deck. For those with a taste for adventure, occasional mistral winds up the ante and present more challenging conditions.

Dubrovnik’s historic fortifications surround picturesque white stone buildings, their terracotta roofs standing out in contrast to the rich azure blue of the Adriatic beyond. The Old Town is a taste of Mediterranean life from another era. The harbour is overlooked by Dubrovnik’s ancient citadels and scattered with a number of spectacular Renaissance palaces leading on to a warren of pedestrian-only streets. Crystal-clear blue waters give way to white-sand beaches and secluded coves, while the thousands of Croatian islands offer endless opportunities for adventure.

Just outside Dubrovnik harbour you’ll find the first of Croatia’s many isles: densely-wooded Lokrum, home to the ruins of a Benedictine monastery. Sail north and discover Mljet National Park - home to natural harbours, stunning beaches and tidal island lakes - and the island getaways of Korčula and Lastovo. Beyond are the countless islands of the Dalmatian coast and a wealth of golden beaches, delicious seafood restaurants and exciting nightlife.

Where is the best place to sail in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is renowned for its smooth sailing conditions, spectacular scenery, golden beaches and incredible architecture. With so much to explore and uncover along the coast, you might be wondering, where are the best places to sail in Dubrovnik?

For Families

If you’re looking for a family holiday that blends history with adventure, Dubrovnik is the ideal sailing charter destination. Set sail towards Mljet and spend your afternoon snorkelling and swimming in the sheltered bay of Okuklje. You can also try their world-renowned chocolate lava! Stick with the nautical theme and visit the interesting Maritime Museum. 

For Nature Lovers

With some of the most breathtaking scenery and landscapes in the whole of the Mediterranean, everywhere you turn in Dubrovnik, you’ll find astonishing natural beauty. Our top three natural beauty spots in Dubrovnik are:

  • Lokrum Island

  • Mljet National Park

  • Pelješac Peninsula

For first-time sailors

With line of sight navigation and calm waters, Dubrovnik is a ‘level 1’ sailing destination, which means it’s ideal for first-time sailors. You can also take advantage of our skippered charter option, leaving an experienced skipper to take the helm and navigate you and your friends or family around the Croatian coastline.

If you’re booking a yacht charter in Dubrovnik for the first time, follow one of our one-week itineraries and experience the gems of the Adriatic Sea, including:

  • Pelješac

  • Korčula

  • Mljet

  • Šipan

  • Herceg Novi

  • Bigova

  • Tivat

What are the best things to do in Dubrovnik?

Whether you’re travelling around Croatia and the glorious Adriatic Sea with your friends, family or as a group, take a look at some of the best things to do in Dubrovnik.


You deserve to sit back, relax and feel the sun on your face. Dubrovnik is home to a combination of beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, each one perfect for sunbathing and soaking up the sun. Want to completely switch off from the world? Proizd Island’s beaches were recently named some of the best in the world for recharging and relaxing. 


Hiring a yacht in Dubrovnik makes it easy and convenient to explore by sea and land. Immerse yourself into Dubrovnik’s rich history by uncovering the treasures of Dubrovnik Old Town. Set sail to Betina Cave Beach, a stunning, secluded beach that’s only accessible by boat. Follow our Montenegro itinerary and discover the iconic Blue Cave in Herceg Novi. 

Underwater adventures

The Adriatic is a turquoise paradise waiting to be explored. Moor up on the island of Badija and enjoy an afternoon of snorkelling. Swim in the stunning saltwater lakes of Mljet National Park. Head to the mini volcanic island of Jabuka, not far from the coast of Dubrovnik, and challenge yourself to some incredible scuba diving.

History and culture

Dubrovnik is truly a cultural wonderland, with countless fortresses, museums, palaces and other historic sites. Our top five historical attractions to visit during your Dubrovnik yacht charter are:

  • Dubrovnik City Walls

  • Fort Lovrijenac

  • Rector’s Palace

  • Tvrđava Minčeta

  • Church of St. Blaise

When is the best time of year to visit Dubrovnik?

The best time of year to visit Dubrovnik is between April and October.

The sailing season in Dubrovnik runs from April-October, with the most popular time being July and August. This is similar to our other Mediterranean destinations, such as Athens and Lefkas.

Are you looking for a tranquil, secluded yacht charter in Dubrovnik where you can escape reality and feel your worries melt away? Book your Dubrovnik sailing holiday between April-May or September-October to enjoy quieter beaches and less tourists.

We close our Dubrovnik base between the end of November and early March each year. Take a look at our other sailing destinations in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia and South Pacific to find Winter sun alternatives.

What are the sailing conditions in Dubrovnik like?

Dubrovnik’s sailing conditions offer the best of both worlds. With calm waters and stunning temperatures in the Summer, Dubrovnik is the perfect destination for your first-time sailing. However, the Mistral winds can occasionally create challenging, windy conditions that are an experienced sailor’s paradise!

Much like our other destinations in Croatia, such as Agana, Dubrovnik enjoys average temperatures of between 16°C-28°C in July and August. You’ll also find average wind speeds of between 7-9 knots during the Summer, ensuring smooth sailing as you cruise around the Adriatic Sea.

Take a look at the ‘sailing conditions’ tab to find out more about the average temperatures, rainfall and wind speeds in Dubrovnik.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Dubrovnik?

We are delighted to offer bespoke sailing holidays in Dubrovnik, tailored to your exact requirements. The cost of your yacht charter will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • When you visit Dubrovnik

  • How many people are joining you on your sailing holiday

  • How long you want to sail around the Adriatic for

  • Whether you book a bareboat, skippered or flotilla charter

  • Whether you hire a catamaran or monohull

  • What your Dubrovnik itinerary looks like

  • Extras

To learn more about the costs of chartering a yacht in Dubrovnik, build a quote and start planning your dream holiday today.

How much are the moorings fees in Dubrovnik?

The average cost for a 35” yacht in the quiet season is around EUR 62.00, while in the peak season you may pay around EUR 76.00. 

For a larger yacht of 55”, you could be looking at EUR 136.00 in the low season and EUR 160.00 during the high season.

However, Moorings fees do tend to differ depending on where in Croatia you are and, more specifically, mooring fees in Dubrovnik will vary from marina to marina.

You may pay more or less depending on:

  • The type of yacht you have (as with other Mediterranean destinations such as Greece and Italy, you may be expected to pay a supplement of up to 60% if you are sailing a catamaran)

  • The size of your yacht

  • How long you’re mooring up for

  • What time of year you visit

How long does it take to sail Dubrovnik?

One week is the perfect duration for a sailing holiday in Dubrovnik.

With its rich history, captivating architecture and breathtaking natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Dubrovnik is one of the top sailing spots in the world. You could spend months exploring the affectionately-named ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and still uncover new treasures everyday.

A croatia yacht charter of this length allows you to relax and switch off on some of the secluded beaches while also having plenty of time to snorkel, wander around Dubrovnik Old Town and enjoy authentic Croatian cuisine. 

What you get up to during your idyllic yacht charter is completely up to you, we have four Dubrovnik itineraries that you can take inspiration from:

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Bareboat itineraries

Choose Dubrovnik as your base for a Croatian bareboat charter holiday. Strike out on your own and sail the calm, coastal waters of the Adriatic, mooring where you choose and exploring as you please. This is the perfect option for more experienced sailors looking for a unique Dalmatian Coast adventure.


Dubrovnik one-week bareboat

  • Exploring Dubrovnik
  • Cultural Korčula Town
  • Plavac Mali wine
  • The Croatian riviera
  • Historic architecture
  • Snorkelling the Adriatic
Itinerary details

Montenegro One-Week Itinerary

  • Enjoy the views from Dubrovnik City Walls
  • Visit the famous Blue Cave in Herceg Novi
  • Stroll around Budva Old Town
  • Go swimming in Bigova Bay
  • Embrace nature in Big City Park in Tivat
Itinerary details

Flotilla itineraries

The most sociable way to tour the Adriatic by yacht, a Croatian flotilla holiday allows you to join a group of other boats led by an experienced lead crew for a communal trip along the Dalmatian Coast. Enjoy the best Croatian leisure activities with your new friends, improve your sailing skills in a safe, fun environment and take in some of Dalmatia’s most beautiful scenery as you set sail from Dubrovnik and tour the scattered islands of the Adriatic.

Special flotillas

Keep an eye out for our special flotillas, which we change every year. This year we’re looking forward to our couples and adults flotilla and our Food and wine flotilla. If you're a complete beginner or want to get qualified, our Flotilla Starter and Flotilla Hero packages get you up to speed to make the most of your flotilla holiday.

Korčula, Croatia

Elafiti one-week flotilla

  • Famous Dubrovnik Old Town
  • Excellent Croatian wine
  • Mljet National Park
  • Vela Špilja cave
  • Stunning Korčula Town
  • Delicious Croatian seafood
Itinerary details

Korčula one-week flotilla

  • Explore Dubrovnik
  • Cultural Korčula Town
  • Sensational Mljet National Park and salt lakes
  • Plavac Mali wine
  • Famous Ston town wall
  • Historic architecture
  • Snorkelling the Adriatic
Itinerary details

Experience required

Sailing experience level
At least 5 days or 100 miles as skipper on an equivalent size yacht

Our intermediate sailing destinations, Level 1 sailing areas offer a greater challenge for sailors more comfortable on the open water. Enjoy strong winds and longer spells of open water sailing, suitable for more experienced skippers.

Qualifications required

International Certificate of Competence
Day Skipper

To sail in this destination you'll need at least an ICC or an RYA Day Skipper qualification or above.  Original license/certificate must be presented upon check at the base.   

VHF licence required

Skipper requirement
Competency required for bareboat charters with yachts up to 30 GT (gross tonnage)

A list of officially accepted licences is available at the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs. Please check the list of officially accepted licences before contacting the base with any queries as the list is updated every few months. This list is organised by country and details the accepted competence levels for experience, boat size and distance-from-shore-sailing for the various certificates accepted.

Skippered Holiday

Try a skippered holiday

  • Relax and let your skipper take charge
  • Be as hands on or laid back as you like
  • Learn from an expert skipper
  • Gain local knowledge and recommendations
  • Peace of mind and safety on the water
  • Discretion and privacy when you need it
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Avg wind speed
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Gorica (Dubrovnik)


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Base Hours:
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
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Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Wednesday – closed
Season: The base is open from early March to end of November.
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Dubrovnik Airport

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The layout and structure of our yachts may not be suitable for those people with reduced mobility, please contact one of our holiday planners to discuss your individual needs