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One of the world’s oldest cities, Athens’ location in Southern Greece made it an important gateway to Europe, Asia and Africa. Today, Athens remains beloved of sailors for much the same reason. Our base in Athens’ Zea Marina offers rewarding conditions for experienced sailors, with strong winds and exhilarating blue water crossings between the Saronic and Cycladic islands satisfying your taste for adventure.

The human race may belong to Africa’s Great Rift Valley, but Western civilisation can trace its origins to Athens. Beyond the history, culture and lifestyle of this 5,000-year-old city, the Mediterranean offers a world of opportunities for coastal and ocean sailors to explore. Greece boasts more than 2,000 islands of great variety, including the lush and historic islands of the Saronic Gulf and the world-famous Cyclades.

Picturesque Kea lies a stone’s throw from Athens itself, offering sandy beaches, traditional fishing villages, ancient ruins and even the remains of a bronze-age settlement. Whatever you want from a Greek sailing holiday - fine food and drink, open water adventures, sun-drenched beaches or wild nights out - it’s all in reach on an Athens sailing holiday.

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Bareboat itineraries

If you crave independence and the chance to explore the Ionian and Aegean seas at your own pace, a bareboat charter is the perfect Greek sailing holiday for you. Pick up your yacht and provisions from Zea Marina in Athens and island hop your way along the coast, or head for open water and the promise of adventure in the Mediterranean.

Athens one-week bareboat

  • Aegean seafood
  • Historic Athens
  • Traditional villages
  • Epidaurus Theatre
  • Fantastic Saronic sailing
  • Great hiking and snorkelling
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Cyclades 2-Week Itinerary

Cyclades two-week itinerary

  • Fantastic Saronic Sailing
  • Sacred Island of Delos
  • Little Venice in Mykonos
  • The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio
  • Serifos Cave of Koutalas
  • Great hiking, diving and snorkelling
  • Katafiki Cave in Kythnos
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Flotilla itineraries

   No Flotilla itineraries available at this base.

Experience required

Sailing experience level
At least 10 days or 200 miles as skipper on an equivalent size yacht

Level 2-3 destinations are our most challenging. Suitable only for confident, experienced sailors, Level 2-3 destinations offer long spells of open water sailing, broad tidal ranges, strong winds and remote anchorages.

Qualifications required

International Certificate of Competence

To sail in this destination you'll need an ICC qualification. Please note: The RYA Day Skipper qualification is not accepted in Greece at this time.

Skippered Holiday

Try a skippered holiday

  • Relax and let your skipper take charge
  • Be as hands on or laid back as you like
  • Learn from an expert skipper
  • Gain local knowledge and recommendations
  • Peace of mind and safety on the water
  • Discretion and privacy when you need it
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Saronikos (Athens)


Zea Marina Freatida

18536 Piraeus


Base opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9:00-17:00
Friday: 11:00-20:00
Saturday: 9:00-20:00
Sunday: 9:30-14:30
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Athens International

Yacht mobility statement

The layout and structure of our yachts may not be suitable for those people with reduced mobility, please contact one of our holiday planners to discuss your individual needs