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East meets west in sailing paradise

Celebrated by sailors, fishermen and traders for millennia, Turkey is an ideal destination for a Mediterranean sailing holiday. The Turquoise Coast, as the Turkish Riviera is known, offers gentle coastal sailing and easy line-of-sight navigation, as well as many glamorous port towns, secluded anchorages and quiet islands to call at along the way.

Turkey’s natural beauty, mild climate and calm, clear seas make it a favourite destination among coastal sailors. A sailing holiday along Turkey’s Lycian and Carian coasts allows you to encounter some of the Mediterranean’s finest scenery and most remarkable physical history, and enjoy the country’s varied culture and delicious local cuisine. 

Our bases in Turkey

Fethiye, Turkey

  • Calm conditions and consistent winds
  • Explore the renowned Turquoise Coast
  • Dive, snorkel and kayak the Aegean Sea
Experience level 1-2 ICC RYA
Explore Fethiye, Turkey

Our charter types

Turkish bareboat charter holidays

Turkish bareboat charter holidays give you the chance to explore the Turquoise Coast at your own pace and to your own schedule. Pick up a yacht from our base in Fethiye and sail into the still blue waters of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. 

Skippered charter holidays from Turkey

Maximise your time on deck and onshore with a Turkish skippered charter holiday. An experienced skipper will guide you on your own personal Blue Cruise, allowing you to relax and soak up the atmosphere in peace and tranquillity. 

Explore Turkey

A cultural melting pot

Both geographically and culturally speaking, Turkey is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It’s a land of rich history and towering beauty, with the Anatolian, Byzantine and Ottoman cultures leaving their marks on the landscape in a number of profound ways. The laid-back vibe of the Mediterranean extends into Turkey and beyond, while Islamic influences are felt in the architecture and culture of many parts of the country. 

The region’s history is a draw for visitors the world over, with mighty empires leaving countless historic ruins in their wake. Snorkel the ruins of Myndus on the Bodrum Peninsula and visit the magnificent Lycian rock tombs carved into the cliff at Tlos, sea kayak above a real-life Atlantis off the island of Kekova and explore the ruins of an ancient Greek city at Knidos. 

Turkish highlights

Turkish cuisine benefits from the country’s rich cultural diversity and is enjoyed all over the globe, from deliciously sweet desserts such as Turkish delight and baklava to the high-street favourite döner kebab and tempting seafood dishes including swordfish, sardines and red mullet.

Sparsely populated islands and sparkling seas are enough to whet the appetite of even the most experienced coastal sailors, while broad, white sand beaches give you the chance to relax and forget your troubles in the Mediterranean sun. The country is home to roughly 20,000 more animal species than the whole of Europe. Turkey’s world-famous Blue Lagoon is an unmissable natural wonder, and the country’s fertile waters and many submerged shipwrecks make it a mecca for divers and snorkelers. 

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