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For more up-to-date information about the organizing authorities, racing rules, programs, classes, handicap systems, etc., contact the individual racing committee:

Background Racing Information

The CSA Rating Rule belongs to the Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) which uses a ‘time on time’ handicapping rule. A low rating means that less time will be added to your overall racing time, whereas a higher rating will have more time added to your racing time. Generally, the higher the rating, the faster the boat should sail. (For example, all else being equal, a boat with a furling mainsail will have a lower rating than a boat with a fully battened mainsail, because a fully battened mainsail will tend to increase sailing performance.)

All courses will be located in the waters surrounding the coast of Grenada and will be laid marks or point-to-point racing. (Racing formats are subject to change.)

Racing Classification – CSA Charter

Boats must be part of a recognized charter fleet and must be sailed as normally equipped by the Charter Company. Headsails shall not be poled out. Spinnaker poles or other forms of bearing out spars are not allowed. Boats must carry all the equipment normally carried on a bare boat charter except for the dinghy and its motor, oars and fuel tank. Biminis may be removed and sail covers may be tied down to the boom but not removed. Any boat found not to be in compliance is subject to protest.


January 30th - February 4th, 2017

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