2018 Helly Hansen NOOD Regattas

Compete in the 2018 Championship

Feel the thrill. Put your skills to the test. 

National Offshore One-Design, or NOOD, is an exciting, multi-city sailboat racing circuit held in the United States. The NOOD series is organized by Sailing World Magazine, and takes place in St. PetersburgSan DiegoAnnapolisChicago, and Marblehead with the overall Helly Hansen NOOD Championship hosted by Sunsail in the beautiful British Virgin Islands from October 20 - 27, 2018.

The Regatta winners will be racing this year's NOOD Championship aboard new Jeanneau 46’s, 3 cabin/3 head monohulls, known as our Sunsail 41 monohull yacht.  

Want to join the fun?  We have a remaining fleet open for you to join the action of the Helly Hansen NOOD Championship Regatta in the British Virgin Islands. 

Take advantage of our 20% booking special offer available when you book one of the remaining Jeanneau 46's to join the fleet.  Plus, if you have sailed with us in the past 5 years, you will receive an additional 5% loyalty savings.  Members of US Sailing receive an additional 5% savings. Discounts are combinable to 30%.*   We recommend sailors charter from October 20 - 27, 2018.

Helly Hansen NOOD Championship offer

  • 20% discount applicable to Sunsail 41 monohull (combinable up to 30% off)
  • Combinable with 5% Loyalty Rewards 
  • Combinable with 5% US Sailing discount 
  • Mention promo code NOOD8 when booking 
  • Recommended booking period: October 20 - 27, 2018 
  • To reserve your charter, call 888-350-3568 to speak with one of our certified Vacation Planners

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With warm weather throughout the year, steady trade winds, calm currents and a kaleidoscope of aquamarine waters and bougainvillea-clad hillsides, Tortola is a sailor's paradise. This is the yacht charter capital of the Caribbean and arguably the most famous sailing destination in the world. Here you’ll find sheltered, yacht-filled harbors, sun-soaked white-sand beaches, delightful pirate bars and awe-inspiring dives.

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How to have even more fun...

Turn your passion into an event for your whole gang with a Mothership. Adding a catamaran to the mix will keep your boat lighter and quicker according to Dr. Jim Sears from NBC’s hit show The Doctors.

"Moments after being named Overall Winner at the 2013 San Diego NOOD regatta, a prior winner came up to me and said, 'Best thing you can do to fully enjoy the regatta in the BVI is to invite 10 more of your friends and get a big catamaran for a mothership!'

She was so right! This was already going to be an amazing trip; racing 44-foot one-designs in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean with 5 of my best friends against the other NOOD winners from around the country... But, the addition of a big catamaran to the equation meant that wives, girlfriends and even some non-sailor friends could come! I reserved the Sunsail 444 catamaran for the week, and started emailing and calling friends and it didn't take long to fill both boats! Having the extra "mother-ship" proved to be such a great call for so many reasons:

    • Provision storage! We kept the majority of the provisions on the mother ship. This kept the "race boat" a little more tidy down-below, and the entire group would gather together on the cat for meals.
    • Mother-ship crew free to explore on their own! During the racing part of the day, the mother-ship would wander off for some fun in the sun, like diving the wreck of the Rhone. Or, they would power ahead of the racing to grab the choice mooring at the destination.
    • Air conditioning! A few of the nights, it got pretty warm, and it was nice to fire-up the generator and run the A/C.
    • Room for toys! We had lots of floating mattresses and Stand-Up Paddleboards for frolicking at the anchorages... Keeping these on the mother-ship was a must!
    • Dance Party! The large aft cockpit area of the cat was perfect for midnight dance parties! And, come to think of it, so was the front trampoline area! We had strung some multi-colored LEDs around the boat, and all the other teams knew that if the lights were on, everyone was invited to the party!”

— Dr. Jim Sears, 2016 Helly Hansen NOOD Championship Winner

"It will be warm. It will be epic. It will be challenging. It will require mental toughness, and it will be, as professional sailor Scott Dickson, once proclaimed at our awards ceremony atop the legendary Willy T’s, 'The most fun I’ve ever had at a regatta.' And he had his clothes on." 

— David Reed, Sailing World

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