Mahé, Seychelles
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Live out your castaway dreams

Remote, scarcely populated and all but unexplored, the many islands of the Seychelles let you live out your castaway daydreams. The Seychelles rewards intrepid sailors with strong winds, warm weather, spectacular wildlife and mesmerising scenery.

Home to our Seychelles base, the thick forests of Mahé Island hide many rare plant and animal species, including some that are found exclusively within the Seychelles. Hiking Mahé’s mountains offers rewarding views and the chance to witness remarkable and unusual wildlife, including carnivorous pitcher plants and the Seychelles’ 26 species of land-dwelling crab.

Both onshore and offshore the Seychelles are home to some rare and beautiful wildlife, and visitors can encounter giant tortoises, sea turtles and huge coconut crabs, or even swim alongside the world’s largest fish species: the magnificent whale shark. Diving and snorkelling in the Seychelles is among the very best on Earth, with the native wildlife largely unafraid of humans. Fish for tuna, sailfish and giant trevally out in the Indian Ocean or windsurf, sail, kayak or paddleboard in bathtub-warm waters. Develop a taste for adventure in this scarcely explored island chain.

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Bareboat itineraries

Charter a yacht from our base on remote Mahé and penetrate even further into the Seychelles archipelago. Challenge yourself in the tricky sailing conditions of the Indian Ocean and enjoy exhilarating blue water sailing between distant, sparsely populated islands. On a bareboat charter holiday you can set your own itinerary – free to take in as many activities you like or simply sail on until sunset. 

Seychelles one-week bareboat

  • Luxury yachting facilities
  • Sublime splendour of La Digue
  • Turquoise water and colourful reefs
  • Snorkelling with tropical fish and turtles
  • Towering granite rock, deserted beaches
  • Aldabra giant tortoises and hawksbill turtles
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Experience required

Sailing experience level
At least 20 days or 400 miles as skipper on an equivalent size yacht

Level 3 destinations are our most challenging. Suitable only for confident, experienced sailors, Level 3 destinations offer long spells of open water sailing, broad tidal ranges, strong winds and remote anchorages.

Qualifications required

International Certificate of Competence
Day Skipper

To sail in this destination you'll need at least an ICC or an RYA Day Skipper qualification or above. Qualification must be in English or French. 

VHF licence required

Skipper requirement
Competency required for bareboat charters with yachts up to 30 GT (gross tonnage)

Seychelles port authorities have recently updated their sailing certification requirements, which requires skippers to submit all the necessary qualifications as detailed here no later than 7 days prior to departure date. All qualifications must be in English or French – no other language will be accepted. If your qualification is in another language, you will need to obtain a certified translation of your qualification.   

To submit your qualifications, please email [email protected]. 

Please note that a deck hand is a legal requirement in the Seychelles if travelling to the outer islands.
Skippered Holiday

Try a skippered holiday

  • Relax and let your skipper take charge
  • Be as hands on or laid back as you like
  • Learn from an expert skipper
  • Gain local knowledge and recommendations
  • Peace of mind and safety on the water
  • Discretion and privacy when you need it
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Mahe (Seychelles)


F14 Eden Plaza

Eden Marina

PO Box 1076

Mahe, Seychelles

Base opening hours

Mon-Sun: 8.30am-5pm

Nearest airport
Seychelles International

Yacht mobility statement

The layout and structure of our yachts may not be suitable for those people with reduced mobility, please contact one of our holiday planners to discuss your individual needs